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Counselling and Psychotherapy

You may be finding life difficult or painful. This may be due to a relationship problem or something that you experienced in the past. You may feel you can barely cope with the demands and responsibilities of life. You may be suffering from low mood or a general sense of dissatisfaction. You may feel a sense of bereavement or loss. Perhaps you are aware of being angry a lot of the time. You could have noticed patterns of behaviour in your life and you wonder why. You may feel you have issues connected with spirituality or religion. These feelings and thoughts can be explored in the safety and containment of counselling.

Therapy would involve us meeting at the same time each week for 50 minutes. You would have a safe, confidential and comfortable space to talk about your thoughts and feelings: perhaps aspects of your relationships; a situation at work; difficulties with making a decision; memories which disturb you; the events of your week that have perplexed you; perhaps a sense of being overwhelmed or got at. There are so many different reasons why people seek counselling.

Counselling In Croydon

Therapy gives you the opportunity to explore your thoughts and feelings and to try to understand them and to consider different ways of thinking about them. It is a process that explores the present, the past and looks to the future. It makes connections and allows difficult things to be expressed in a safe, contained, private and confidential space where you will not be judged.

Counselling and Psychotherapy can be on an open-ended basis or it can be short-term (12 sessions).

Initially we would arrange a consultation of 75 minutes to discuss the best way forward for you. The fee for this is £70.

After that, counselling would be once weekly for 50 minutes. The fee for ongoing sessions is £60. A lower fee is possible in certain circumstances: this can be discussed.

It is normal practice to charge for missed or cancelled sessions.

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